Special Offer for Socks Proxy Checker Users

You are entitled to get a 4-day free license of our new product My IP Hide. It's a lightning fast encrypted proxy service to hide IP and unblock sites.

No credit card or paypal is required
My IP Hide vs Socks Proxy Checker
My IP HideSocks Proxy Checker
TechnologyEnhanced Proxy Socks Proxy
AccessPrivate Proxy Public Proxy
EncryptionYes No
SpeedFast Variable/Unstable
IP Number54 in 23 countriesHundred
OSWindows, Mac, Android Windows Only
StabilityStable Unstable
Price$8.52/month $82/month

My IP Hide uses enhanced proxy technology which encrypts the traffic. It's more secure than Socks Proxy Checker (socks proxy). My IP Hide uses private proxy which is more stable than public proxy.

How to choose: You should choose My IP Hide if you want to open blocked sites or hide IP. It's because My IP Hide is faster, more stable and cheaper. You can choose Socks Proxy Checker (socks proxy) if you need one hundred IP addresses and only use each one for a little while.